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The first App to cover and simplify interaction with waste management, recycled products and recycling machinery markets


Waste management. EasyWaste App.

The Ecocidi Recursos waste agency is lending its weight to digital transformation with the launch of EasyWaste, the first App to cover and simplify interaction with waste management, recycled products and recycling machinery markets. By facilitating producer access to waste managers with quality services, EasyWaste is an essential tool for any professional wishing to attract clients easily.


EasyWaste (FREE)

EasyWaste (FREE) is now available on the App Store and on Google Play. This version is free of charge and does not require registration. It allows users to access and contact responsible waste managers and recyclers directly. EasyWaste publishes the manager’s service or product in accordance with waste type and users can rapidly access what they need using the search filters and their location.


The client

 The App is suitable for both companies and private individuals wishing to locate recycling centres and recycled products or enter into contact with providers of management services. It can also be a useful ally for EPR systems, municipal councils and NGOs wishing to improve their collection streams or promote their services on a medium that encompasses all waste types.


EasyWaste brings waste management to the people by increasing the visibility of waste management service suppliers as well as promoting recycled products and recycling machinery. Ultimately, it helps waste managers and recyclers to attract new customers. 



 From the practical, commercial perspective of a waste agency like Ecocidi, circular economy criteria must be combined with new digital tools. In this way, users can be provided with increasingly extensive and varied information on waste management and recycling. 

This will enable the maximum benefit to be obtained from each waste type, as well as facilitating improved recycling rates and higher sales of new products made from recovered materials, whilst always respecting the principles of proximity and self-sufficiency.

It is also vital for producers to be aware of the existence of an industry that adds value by solving a serious social problem. They should be aware of the fact that waste has a price, that this price depends on quality and reconditioning, and that it fluctuates over time in accordance with external circumstances.

The philosophy is to facilitate contact

 The philosophy is to facilitate the location of and contact between waste producers and services, products or recycling centres.

Filters: Waste type, service type and product type

For this purpose, EasyWaste incorporates filters for groups of services and products. Some filters operate by waste type (plastics, cardboard, C&D waste, hazardous waste, oils, metals, end-of-life vehicles, etc.), others by service type, such as eco-parks, and others by product type, such as recycled materials or recycling machinery.


Digital wizard and customised service

To facilitate use, the App features a help or digital wizard icon. The wizard interacts with and guides users through all stages of the process, starting with the collection of information on the service of interest, right through to the point where user details are taken.

And if the App does not yet have a solution to meet specific user needs, there is an option to contact us in order to receive a personalised service.


Information ordered by proximity

 To benefit from its full potential, it is recommended that access to location and notifications be accepted when downloading the APP. In this way, information appears in order of proximity, and useful alerts and messages can be received.


Security and personalisation of the manager

EasyWaste reviews and verifies centres prior to selection and recommendation of the publications made. This means that, prior to making a publication on the App, a specialised team reviews all the information to ensure that the best possible information on the service is provided.

Each publication of the recycler or manager is personalised by means of images and data related to each resource (waste, recovered material, process reject, etc), and the necessary access icons (telephone, email, website and/or location) are provided to facilitate direct contact with the recycler or manager in question.


Alerts and messages

The EasyWaste App can send “push” notifications to both specific user groups interested in a specific waste type, or in a global or individualised manner. These notifications are stored in the App itself by message type in three separate trays. For example, notifications of price changes for a certain waste type are stored in the “Trends” tray; the promotion of a certain product or service in the “Market” tray and the transmission of an alert or recommendation in the “EasyWaste” tray.

The Trends and Market alert trays can be seen on activation of EasyWaste PRO.


EasyWaste (PRO): Service for large producers and managers

The paid version of EasyWaste enhances and broadens the service by facilitating information on price trends for waste with an economic value. This enables users to be up-to-date on price trends for the waste of interest and to receive alerts with price updates in accordance with their interests.

The information provided on the price of each waste type indicates: price for the latest and penultimate samples, a trends table with monthly averages for the preceding two years, and a breakdown with specific details on price factors. Specific information is provided on price drivers: waste generation source, quality, service included, country of sample, producer type, conditioning and management operation for which the waste is intended.

EasyWaste PRO users can access the Trends and Market alert trays and will only receive messages related to the waste in which they are interested.

Further benefits

The App enables waste to be classified by price and the provision of good commercial information facilitates strategic and commercial decision-making.

The service is also personalised in accordance with the activity of each user. Specific waste from any activity can be parametrized, be it from industry, transport, construction, agriculture or even waste recovered at municipal waste treatment facilities.


App service areas

With respect to the location of current services, it is necessary to differentiate between products or services located at a specific point but which have a national or international scope, and local services.

The price information service, EasyWaste (PRO), now has a wide range of waste types with valid prices in Spain, and a considerable number for Europe too.


Subscription or success model

As mentioned previously, EasyWaste (FREE) is accessible free of charge for any user wishing to contact an advertiser.

Advertisers, mainly managers, recyclers and manufacturers, normally promote their products and services by subscribing to the App. However, if they prefer, a ratio or percentage can be established in accordance with new clients and services achieved.

EasyWaste (PRO) is activated through subscription. It is an inexpensive, cost-effective service that can be customised in accordance with number of waste types and users.


Benefits by user type

 Private individuals

 From their homes, private individuals can avail of a wizard that recommends priorities for responsible waste management. It also enables easy location of public or private services, ordered by waste type and location on the electronic devices of users. 


Waste-producing companies

 Companies that produce waste can easily locate a recycler or manager for the specific waste type, contact reliable recyclers (the App only publishes reviewed, verified services) and request bids for waste for which they themselves cannot provide a recycling solution.


Waste managers

 Waste managers can promote their range of management services in accordance with the location of their centres in the areas in which they work, consolidate their presence on digital media and increase sales amongst customers more concerned about the treatment their waste receives than the price of the treatment.  



 Recyclers can promote their range of recycling services in accordance with the location of their centres in the areas in which they work, have access to new producers of the waste they need for their processes and increase the sales of their recycled products.  


Equipment manufacturers

 Recycling and equipment manufacturers can promote their product to the target market through a very specifically-channelled medium, and advertise new products that facilitate the recycling of specific waste types.


EPR systems, local councils, NGOs

EPR systems, local councils and NGOs can improve waste streams at their collection centres, direct interested parties to their websites for information or access to their own Apps, and reinforce their recycling messages and advertising through alerts and notifications.



 The simplicity and practicality of EasyWaste makes it easy for producers to select and contact services located nearby. It also provides producers with visibility for the waste they produce so that the best management options can be found.  

That responsible managers and recyclers can promote their services or recycled products in the area in which they work is a matter of great interest. So too is the fact that municipal councils and EPR collective systems have access to a tool that helps them improve their collection streams through an App that encompasses all waste types.

The sector finally has a digital tool that brings together, popularises and provides easy access to a wide variety of services and products associated with waste management and recycling, which is constantly developing and expanding.